Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The sexagenary cycle in 2014 is a horse. Please make a Good-Luck belt using these spots! This is one of the spots consumed in large quantities by NOVELTY BELT CO. in 1940-1950s. Although this spot is no longer available, we have much stock. Please utilize for repair, custom and the reproduction of a vintage. It is MADE IN USA. We will keep and protect as much as possible the precious the Americana of the Western golden age.

Friday, February 7, 2014


Product name Studded Western Special. Made in Chicago of the 1940’s. The buckle of the giant grip company in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is made from the late 1930s, and a this unique form is the characteristic. It is a symbol of the eastern part used only for the ”Western Style Belt”. A jewel is reflector type called "Bug eye" from that appearance, and is the characteristic of this era. Because the eastern part is conscious of the western part, makes the belt of the impression unlike the western belt. The roots of the "Western Style Belt" is a western belt, but is not the imitation of the western belt using the same parts. I understand that the "Western Style Belt" is an eastern original belt. ※The product made in the eastern part, is expressed as "Western Style Belt" instead of western belt. By the catalog of 1930's.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Keep the Western golden age

We can rebuild your important vintage studded jeweled belt using the belt strap of our company, and a precious new old stock replacement parts. Of course, keep as much as possible the precious vintage buckle and jewels, and build in your size. Please speak your troubles.

We strive for the same quality and workmanship being used to make the tooled studded jeweled belts made since the 1930's. We also transmit a wonderful tradition and creation of the western golden age correctly to next generation. Thank you.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Details are unknown. However, This is a belt made since the 1936, It can guess from a buckle. Buckles are traditional Navajo design. This buckle that born in 1936 was made by North and Judd Mfg. Co., and played an active part as face of various western belts. Size is 1 3/4 inch. Also, I think that CODY BELT is a brother of No.1090 white leather inlay. No.1090 is published at the catalog from early 1930s.

1932 catalog reference
No.1090 - A new and exclusive belt. Made of smooth grain leather doubled and stitched. White leather inlays in the fancy cutouts. Indian design large nickel buckles. 1 3/4 inches wide. 2 colors : Black with white inlay and brown with white inlay.

Attached catalog photo is 1936, explanatory notes differ.

Friday, January 17, 2014


A tapered ring and a wave ring and a reflection jewel are characteristics of this era. The secret of circular overlay... The lay in which the jewel was mounted beforehand is attached to the belt after that. NOVELTY BELT & BUCKLE CO. 1940-1950’s