Friday, August 5, 2016

We release a new two design!

Each belt is painstakingly made to be as near as possible to the originals that were so popular from the early to mid 20th century.

This product will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, early purchase is recommended.

Series 300 Model by NOVELTY BELT & BUCKLE Co, Chicago
★Special Limited Edition - total 20 (Black color 10, Brown color 10)
★The specification of overlay can be chosen(without overlay or with overlay)
★The jewel color can be chosen(Green, Red, Blue, Amber, Light Purple, Pink)

A reproduction of the dress belt by Novelty Belt & Buckle Company. We reproduced the emboss and spots design in faithfully from the 1940-1950's original belt. Buckle are a new old stock. Face cut jewel which are the feature of this era are a genuine old stock 1950's. Jewel ring adopts the reproduction of classic style like a vintage. The fixation method is also same as the original. Cowboy spots of brass is the reproduction from the original. A trademark of NOVELTY BELT is marked in the belt back side.

Buckle:Genuine old stock by NORTH & JUDD
Belt:Emboss design of took a mold from the original in 1950's
Over lay:Reproduced the atmosphere of material like original by special processing
Jewel:Genuine old stock 1950's, Reflector jewel
Jewel ring:with overlay is jagged ring, without overlay is reproduction of classic style like a vintage
Cowboy Spots:Reproduction by Brass