Monday, October 21, 2013

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【Reproduction Specification】
This buckle is very nice reproduction of Americana of the Western golden age, made of press molded steel like vintage. Nickel plated finish. Beautifully designed and engraved as shown, and looks like it is handmade. Stamped of ACE in the back side. Fits for 1 3/4 inches wide belt. Repeat, This buckle is made of steel. Is not a casting buckle.

【Original Reference】
The original buckle appeared in the 1940’s and played an active part as a face of various novelty belts. They are installed in products of eastern, and has four different stamped designs, traditional southwest, art deco, and the arabesque of two kind. This traditional southwest design buckle is early type and the late type exist, and the specification differ for era. The Indian's head with feather decoration is the early type specification. Furthermore, the type (Replica of this era?) which does not belong to early type and a late type exists. However, It is another thing in which the specifications of stamped design differ.

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