Friday, July 11, 2014


We have obtained much order from every country in the world.
Thank you so much.

We are distinctive western belt manufacturer. We produce spots decoration belt specialized in "Americana of the Western golden age" in Japan. The product concept is "made in the heart of the west". We are very particular about the parts and machine used for a belt, and developed relationships with the company to obtain the best distinctive western belt. Since that time these company have closed and we have had to develop new relationships and this takes time and patience. We are always on the lookout for new techniques and ideas that meet and exceed our customer expectations. We strive for the same quality and workmanship being used to make the tooled spotted and jeweled belts made since the 1930's.

Our products is very nice new vintage reproduction designed in Americana of the Western golden age. Spotted and jeweled belt on top grain western bridle, embossed leather. The bridle leather of this product is a U.S. Western bridle like a vintage. The buckle is nickel, made of iron, like vintage.

BOYS! MEN! What a collection of real he-man novelty belts! you’ll be proud to wear these belts they’re so expertly made and finished. Excellent craftsmanship. In quality, they’ll match the best. In novelty, you’ll find that superb workmanship will make their unusual design even more rich and luxurious.

Original reference
America in the 1930s. I am convinced that it is largest Miller-Stockman in those days to have advertised spots decoration belt on a large scale first. Because it was written down with "a design only for Stockman-Farmer that was the newest in a market" according to Miller-Stockman catalog of 1932, the Miller-Stockman seemed to sell spots decoration belt monopolistically. Moreover, these belts are ornament belts to the last, and declare that the sturdy studded belt of H.H.HEISER and other saddlery is a position of the opposite poles.

We are really happy to be able to know you.


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