Monday, March 23, 2015


Early 1930's Reproduction Western Belt ★Limited Edition

This is Miller Stockman's No.955 card belt of reproduction manufactured by the special order from a customer. Spotted and Jeweled belt on top grain bridle, embossed leather, 1 3/4 inches wide. Doubled and stitched. This buckle is nickel, made of iron, like vintage. Beautifully designed and engraved as shown, and looks like it is handmade. All jewels are genuine old stock glass by Czech or West Germany. The used cards are genuine vintage No.24 miniature size by the United States Playing Card Corporation. The embossing of the flower and the serpentine snake design which are the features of the early 1930's are reproduction by ACE WESTERN BELTS. Our products is very nice new reproduction designed in Americana of the Western golden age. ★This belt is Limited Edition!

Original references
The Miller Stockman's No.955 card belt seem to born in 1931-1932. Also the Indian design buckle of a square type seem to born in this era too. Six cards which are the greatest features, the No.24 miniature size by the United States Playing Card Co. is used. The embossing design is the type which a floral and the serpentine snake which is the feature of this era. 2 Ply structures, cards are fixed between. Although this belt can be checked by a till 1939 catalog, it is unknown after that. But Card Belt is re-appeared in the 1950's. This belt is a 1 1/2 inches wide type, and the cards of size still smaller than No.955 are used. Spots designs is different. with plastic refraction jewels. A supplier seems to be the west side although it is unknown for details.

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